Climate and Ocean Ecosystem Modelling: Predicting the State of Oceans and Fisheries in the North Pacific and Bering Sea

The first workshop in the BECI Workshop Series determines the appropriate climate change and fishery ecosystem models to apply to the BECI science plan. These ecosystem models consider time scales for climate projections, which area of the North Pacific to include, key people to involve, and the drivers of future change in the North Pacific marine ecosystems and oceanographic processes.  

This workshop addresses:

  • What can we learn from existing climate and ecosystem models? 
  • What elements of an ecosystem monitoring program will be most useful in modelling ocean changes? 
  • What are the current gaps in our knowledge and what do we need to address these gaps? 

May 9th & 10th, 2022 from 4pm – 7pm Pacific Time

*Participants identify critical information needs and means to evaluate model projections through direct monitoring of atmospheric and oceanographic parameters at specified time/space scales. 


Linking Ocean Processes and Ecosystem Changes to Fish Production

The second workshop in the BECI Workshop Series examines approaches to monitoring and understanding biological production of the Northeast Pacific ecosystems, and how these may affect the production of Pacific salmon and other species. In this workshop we will identify key research topics, survey designs, and potential needs for new technologies. 

This workshop addresses:

  • How will we link climate modelling efforts with understandings of oceanographic observations to project changes in the North Pacific Ocean ecosystems?
  • Can we identify key biological parameters to monitor and understand biological production?
  • What is required spatially and temporally in developing future research and monitoring programs?

May 31st & June 1st, 2022 from 4 - 7pm Pacific Time

*Participants advise on the sufficiency of present information systems and information needs that should be included in a surveillance system within BECI. Participants have the opportunity to identify key information gaps and means to address, data availability including technical innovations, new surveys, and expansion of existing projects and collaborations.


Technology and Tools for Monitoring and Data Synthesis

To monitor an environment of the size and complexity of the North Pacific Ocean and coastal ecosystems, we  incorporate recent innovations and data systems into our third workshop in the BECI Workshop Series. Discussions include a thorough overview of new technologies including but not limited to gliders, drones, buoys, satellites, fish tags, eDNA, and data systems.

This workshop addresses:

  • What are the current and emerging technologies?
  • How can we facilitate the development and application of these technologies?
  • How can we improve data quality and accessibility while managing costs using new data synthesis and technology?

June 13th & 14th, 2022 from 4 - 7pm Pacific Time


Bringing it Together: From Climate Change to Ocean Impacts and Fish Production

The final workshop is to synthesize our discussions from the previous workshops  and to inform the continuing development of a high level science plan for BECI. More to come!


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“Talking with experts over the past year has revealed a high level of interest in BECI. Integrating atmospheric and marine data (physical, chemical, and biological) as well as adding innovative technology will help paint a more complete picture of the NPO marine ecosystem and support decision making processes more effectively. These workshops form a basis to further develop the BECI science plan over the coming months”

- BECI team